How it all started


The Happy Project was born out of a struggle to find happiness and a deep yearning to make a difference. I had been at the same company working as a designer for 4 years and was creatively and personally burnt out. I have a tendency to go above and beyond in the workplace and consistently put in too many hours in order to create successful designs and campaigns. My life outside would suffer leading to that gray zone of mostly work and very little play. My life was out of balance and consequently I was feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. 

I finally realized something was missing. Something had to be done. My roommate at the time and I decided to make a list of everything that made us happy. We would then do at least one of those things each day and write about it. After a couple of weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in my mentality. I was happier because I was doing things that I love, with people who I love. My health, mentality, balance and attitude were affected positively. Just thinking about what made me happy sparked gratitude inside me. 

It made me realize how simple it is to attain happiness. It was a matter of adopting the right attitude, not taking anything for granted, counting my blessings and simply doing things that I loved. 

It also made me reflect on how easy it is to live in a state of unhappiness. I needed to be reminded of how blessed I was. I needed motivation to work harder to stave off unhappiness. And I figured others could benefit from daily reminders as well.